Sensual Alchemy


By Poppy Black

so...what is

Sensual Alchemy?

Hey there, I'm Poppy (like the flower, not your daddy) and Sensual Alchemy is my own curated style of full body sensual massage and nuru style body rub, or FBSM for short. But it's also an erotic event, a piece of performance art, and your body is my canvas. I use hot unscented oil and my entire body for a skin to skin massage unlike anything else. I build up the tension slowly and teasingly with a body glide, to a crescendo that will take you to another planet. Side effects may include residual feelings of bliss and difficulty reentering the real world.


When I first started doing this, I was surprised as anyone to discover I was a naturally gifted and intuitive body worker. I work with the fascia while engaging in deep listening and communication with your body. I always find the perfect balance between deep tissue and exquisite relaxation, so that your system can fully release. I like to use my body on top of yours as a means of compression. It allows for not only a deep physical connection, but also an opportunity for your nervous system to switch over to the parasympathetic, or "rest and relax" mode.


Over the last few years I have skillfully honed my very restorative body rub and what is basically a slippery, horizontal sensual dance performance to create the most blissful, relaxing, and energizing private event you can experience in Portland, OR in just one hour.


Imagine: slipping away during your lunch break, getting transported to another universe and back, only to return just in time for your afternoon meeting totally transformed, no one being any the wiser. If that's not an efficient use of your time, I don't know what is.


Daily, noon to 9pm

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I have my own private studio in a new upscale building in the Hollywood District. No need to deal with sketchy adult massage parlors and their foot traffic. It has easy free parking, secure entry, and a fully stocked bathroom.

If you're looking to explore a deeper connection, need a dinner date, or wanna Netflix and Chill check out my companion site.


Sessions happen at my private studio in the Buckman neighborhood. Expect a luxurious, spa like environment with discreet entry, as well as a shower and bathroom.

Looking for a deeper connection or a dinner date? Check out my companion site.


How to book...and have a good time


I'm not really in the habit of inviting total strangers to my private space without some sort of vetting system. First things first: make a good impression, and be clear about when you want to book. After we've coordinated our schedules, I'll screen you. A lot of folks in my industry use the reference system, but I find it super inefficient and unreliable for both of us (fellow providers,I still always respond to reference requests). I keep it really quick and painless with a simple identity verification. If you feel weird about this, please do google me and take a peek at my Twitter (You should definitely do this before seeing any provider, btw). I have a flawless reputation and reviews on


Our mutual safety and comfort is my top priority. If you don't think we'd be a good fit, I highly recommend checking out Slixa or Tryst for a provider that suits your needs.


This is a very up close and personal sensual massage, so make sure all those nooks and crannies are clean! Trust me, I will notice, and it's always so embarrassing for both of us, if I have to excuse you in the middle for an extra clean up. Fortunately my bathroom is fully stocked with unscented bath products, a killer shower head, fresh towels, mouth wash, and fluffy robes. So whether you're just popping in from the office or from running errands, I've got you covered.

The Golden rule

I'm really a genuinely kind and authentic person. I love making people feel good. I'm usually told I have a warm and inviting presence. That is until you try to push my boundaries. Treat others how you want to be treated. This experience is really all about you, meaning: you are the RECEIVER. I know, it's really hard to be on the receiving end of positive attention; it brings up feelings of unworthiness or vulnerability (been there), but that's exactly why you're visiting me. So please, please don't turn a good situation bad by touching or speaking to me in ways that make me feel disrespected, or even violated. Just follow my lead and let me do my very sensational thing. I know you know how to be a nice person; It's easy right? If you really do enjoy giving more than receiving, or you want to explore a deeper connection, try my hybrid session or check out my companionship offerings here.

*A note on inebriation. I request that you show up for our session clear headed and not under the influence of any substances. If you seem drunk or really high, I will end our session immediately without refund.  



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(971) 259-8561

Text Only

In true millennial fashion, I hate talking on the phone. Please text to schedule. Definitely don't send me a DM through TNA or Instagram.

Text is fast and easy, and I will often get back to you quickly between 9am and 11pm. See you soon!



Hours of Operation:

Daily, Noon to 9pm

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